Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Heaven and Hell and Where we Choose to Live

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This is the Essay with the same mind as the poem Heaven and Hell, What I could not write then and might not be able to write now, but will try.

Where do you live? You have three choices.

Do you live in heaven, do you live in hell, or do you live on earth but are waiting to get to one of the other two?

Personally you can not tell me the answer to that question as fully as you might think you can unless you first answer are you a Christian.

I am Christ's second coming, but not the second coming of Christ. I am a Christ Child, a Christian, a Child of God, or as it is better stated a brother of Christ. I really don't use the first sentence much outside of a few people because they miss the subtly and think I am saying something that I am not saying. I try to live as much as I am able to, as Christ like as I can. All I know is that if needed to have it happen I am willing to die like Christ did in the same manner to help save just one other person, or as many as needed. For this I am sure I understand the Passion of the Christ.

As it stands I am homeless if I were not staying with my parents I would be Homeless. Currently I am unemployed as the world knows employment, I write but am not paid for it.
Now we have to ask me the question I have posed for the rest of you. Where do I think I am living? I know I live on Earth, but I do treat each day as if parts of it are like living in Heaven. There are places here on Earth that act as windows into Heaven's beauties. Likewise there are places and times that act like windows into Hell. But windows that look both into Heaven and Hell are just windows, in this case they can only be opened part way and we can't totally jump right through.

There are cases where both of this example seems to fail. The Fires that plague the earth whenever the dry seasons flow nearby, the destruction and damage and death seems like Hell on Earth. But the Real Hell is God less, Hope less, and Love less, there will be no heroes to stretch out a hand and help you up and into safe arms. I think that is where most people get their own personal hell on Earth wrong. If you are suffering, here you can forget or be where it is oft times few and far between for someone to stretch out their hands to you and help you. That is where Christians and for that matter any caring people come in and hands out help to others.

For me there seem to be people that live here as if they are living in Heaven. This I can understand. I do at times feel that there are slices of Heaven here on earth. The River Market District of Downtown Little Rock is one such Place, Almost the whole thing. They are doing a real good job of it if they are building sections of heaven at a time. I like to see the new Building of the section where the Construction is still going on at an Extension of the Library. My favorite Coffee Lady might be sad to see the construction guys go though. The Cox building has some of the best examples of Books for sale and Art Work this side of Heaven as well. Then there is the Library proper which even caters to the Homeless there is Little Rock, but is of course my favorite building in any place I go. Libraries mean learning and knowledge and I guess if I had to be the one to tempt someone to eat of a fruit, I would be the tempter himself. That is how much I like having knowledge about things. I really understand what Solomon meant though when he said it was all "Like chasing after the wind." you just never can get enough of it, and what little you know is not what you knew yesterday and you forget what you did know today.

That really sums up why this place or anyplace here on Earth can't be Heaven on Earth because it tarnishes and rusts and people have to build new things all the time to make the old piles of dust new piles of knowledge and finery. So be careful with both of your definitions of Heaven or Hell on Earth, in Hell you have no HOPE of help, In Heaven you have nothing that lasts. Only in the Real places would you get what you paid for. Maybe we should all be very very Careful what we pay for.

Charles can be reached at,
Currently Living in North Little Rock.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Reactions you make in daily life.

The world is one of three different ways of looking at things; Proactive, Reactive, or Active. Jessie the founder of HUSH is very Proactive, I am very Active, and others involved are Reactive. That is okay. There is not one set way for you to act when it comes to how you relate to the world around you, but you are supposed to be truthful in your actions, and to follow Christ's lead.

I have noticed in the past 11 months that the world reacts a whole bunch of ways. I just got off the phone with my Step-Niece Amanda and after a few comments from me she asked if I had been getting enough sleep. You see I am Bi-Polar, but until recently I have never been medically treated for it and until these past 4 years I was not even for sure that I had anything wrong with me. A wife that had what they termed as bi-polar ( they later found out it was just extreme depression) told me that I had something wrong, but I never did anything about it. After she left and we had a few months of painful knowledge of the fact that she was never coming back and my Reactions to those set of facts, I moved on and moved to North Little Rock. But when I got out of treatment for massive Blood clots in my lungs, legs and arms, and was a local Miracle in Huntsville and started getting treated for massive depression I was told that I started acting kinda crazy like by my family.

Well getting a second or fourteenth chance on life you tend to React in a way that most people just can not understand. I was on a road of Self Discovery that is still going on. I do act rather manic to most people I meet if I want them to notice me. I am after all a Performance Artist. In this case I maintain a Blog or 3 for myself and for HUSH and for other people. Being a Performance Artist I have a wild and crazy side and if I let it go to long it gets rather over the top and people of all shapes and sizes seem to notice that I am something different.

Here is where I can tell how people see me. They are Proactive, Reactive, or Just Active to me. But people do that in everything they do sometimes they can switch back and forth between modes. Though often they just stay in one mode. I have been out about downtown Little Rock for 11 months. Without much money, what little money I had, I had sold Items for it in a Yard Sale, or had asked my father to loan me some spending money. I started shopping in the stores of the River Market and was in the mood to Help the Homeless in some way or fashion, but was not being very active in it, because I had found a little Slice of Heaven. Up above I mention Amanda, on the phone just a while ago I asked her if Heaven had Pergo, she paused and said yes I am walking around in Heaven right now and I laughed. She asked if I had been getting enough sleep, even though I was explaining that we make Earth what we want it to be. I want Parts of Heaven to be paved in Pergo, Marble, Granite counter tops and the best Kitchen gear that money could buy. I am not crazy, I don't need meds if I think that at times I am walking around in Heaven. When I mentioned to several people that I thought I was walking about in the halls of Heaven I was met with smiles and people stopped what they were doing to listen to my bright Ideas. They were Reactive, to my Always Active nature.

Later when I started working in the region where you find Jessie the most, the Reactions were different and I could not figure out why, I was the Same Person, it was them that were different. People who see homeless people all the time Tend to see them in everyone that carries a backpack, and might or might not use a walking stick. I had until this past Sunday a walking stick that was 4.5 feet long, a weapon in experienced hands. They labeled me as a homeless person. Even homeless people labeled me. If I were out with the RainBow Family they would label me a vagabond backpacker and Hiker loving nature and not a Homeless person, though the RainBow Family is a loose organization that meets all over the place and I have recently had a mind to go see what their meetings were like. They remind me of what the early Christians must have been like, meeting in the different cities of the Old World in the turning of B.C. to A.D. Those early Christians helped each other and I would hope rarely labeled people and treated them different just because of a backpack and walking stick.

I now do not ask people for their cell phone number because of this kind of Reaction, I am Active all the time, I tell them mine and Offer to help them in any way possible, just call me and I will find you help. For your information my cell phone number is 1-501-551-1961 That is how Active I am.

I have a full list of people I call on a regular basis because they have Reacted to me in a ProActive way by giving me theirs when I give them mine. I know Police officers on a first name basis, Most of them I call Officer, or Sir or Mame, but I do know several of them by their first and last names, even going to church with several retired ones. Police in downtown Little Rock know me by my first name and Know I am not homeless, but they do know that I am bi-polar and they do watch out for me making sure that my meds are working for me and that others do not bother me overly badly, but they do that for everyone after all it is their job to protect and serve.

As a Christian I Protect your faith, trust, hope and LOVE and I serve you, by being Proactive, Reactive and Active.

Which are you? How do you see others? How do you treat others once you know who they really are?

Charles Edward Owens Junior
Internet and cellphone felicitater.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Disciples and the Modern world

We are all Disc's ready to be filled with God's Love. This whole Project of helping the Homeless get onto higher ground than where they are now got started not too long ago by a lady most people Know as Miss Jessie. Jessie Goodrum a name that is literally a play on words, just like I did with Disciples in my lead in sentence. I saw it the first time I had it spelled out to me, But I see things that some other folks might not at first notice, habits of breaking words down so that I can spell them and remember the names with the faces. Being a word smith myself I have noticed that Miss Jessie is a soothing tonic for the Homeless that she helps.

She is Proactive rather than Reactive. She helps those that want to get out of the position that they are in rather than those that want to work the system for the freebies that they can get. I have known her for just this year having met her around the end of December because I started hunting for work in the field of helping the homeless and I met her literally the first day that I went to a feeding station under the Broadway Street Bridge here over in Little Rock Arkansas, where they serve breakfast of boiled eggs and donuts, coffee and juice or water. Miss Jessie is at the vanguard of the Movement that started over 2,000 years ago in a small Roman province. The Movement has gone through changes and bumps in the road ever since it started and still goes through changes even today.

I First saw her as a Spirited Lady, with a light in her eyes that you don't find very often, it was like looking into a bright light at the end of a tunnel knowing where it leads to. I am a visitor on this stage she has been performing on, due to my own life, but all during my many months the one constant feature has been Miss Jessie's fire and convection that things are changing for the better and that God will not let us stay weak and alone. As I pen these words ready for the web-page that Miss Jessie wanted, I think back over the months that I have seen her in action. I can see the Disciple and the Disc ready to be filled with data that the Lord fills all of our lives with, for a work that is never ended while the Sheep are still Lost and Scattered.

It is hoped that this site can be a clearing house of Information to help the people involved with this project, to better handle the volume of good information and contacts in the local area. Also to be a sounding board for those that need help and want to change their station as Homeless. If you have any Comments or Suggestions Please feel free to write us in the comment section of these posts or to write us at hush_the_homeless@yahoo.com Thank You and God Bless your every step in the road that you travel.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"The only freedom which counts is the freedom to do what some other people think to be wrong.There is no point in demanding freedom to do that which all will applaud.All the so-called liberties or rights are things which have to be asserted against otherswho claim that if such things are to be allowed their own rights are infringed or their own liberties threatened.This is always true, even when we speak of the freedom to worship, of the right of free speechor association, or of public assembly. If we are to allow freedoms at allthere will constantly be complaints that either the liberty itself or the way in which it is exercisedis being abused, and, if it is a genuine freedom, these complaints will often be justified.There is no way of having a free society in which there is not abuse.Abuse is the very hallmark of liberty."-- Former Lord Chief Justice Hailsham

HUSH the homeless
are you free right now?

the above Quote was found at this website,


Praise the people that Help
Like Jessie,,, you know her
She is that little fire brand of a Lady
Full of Fluff, and happy thoughts
Cool Ideas
And once I heard she can preach Like
The Son of God on a Mountain.
Well I just heard that,
I was not there,
give her a hug
She deserves a vaction or three

Jessie if you read this
Take the next three days off.
On my watch.
Start right now
Everything is

Christ has risen.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Forgive Us Our Debts

This is the first Post of hopefully many more that this Blog-Web action page will see listed.

Forgive Us Our Debts.

In today's world we see this time and time again. I can't pay my credit card bill, I just hope someone would forgive me my debts, so I can go on spending, or just get out of debt since I have learned my lession the hard way. I don't know how many of you reading this have credit cards, but who this site was set up to speak about, they usually don't have credit cards, but they have debts, just like everyone else.

Our bills get larger everytime we go out to buy things. Food being something that most of us have to get most of the time at least by buying it, we see the price going up and up these days. Some places in this City you can find Food handed out for free, be it bags of groceries for a few days, or stew in a pot/bowl for you to eat on the spot. Free food something everyone I know even those that can afford to go to "Fancy" resturants will not shy away from taking. You might not see them at the places I am talking about giving away free food up above, but you will see them at the markets, the Wholesale clubs where foods are given away free just because you are able to afford a card or have a way to get to the place that the food is given away as samples. They even have names for these people they call them the Sample Hounds. They know when the Market or Wholesale club is going to be giving out the free stuff and they are there to take it. The first example is where the Homeless find there free foods, and be sure they all know where to get it, or at least how to ask another for where the free stuff is, just like everyone that wants to get free food from both examples.

My credit card bill came in today, I only have one. It is to a jewelery store, I got it when I did not think I would get it, used it when I thought it would be cool, Knowing I could not pay off the debt I was making, but doing it anyway, and in the end that debt that I now have won't be forgiven like I knew it would not, I will go into debt, and still have to pay for it. In this case for only me personally this debt means the world to me because of the results that happened in connection with it. But most debts with our credit cards don't result in something that can literally change someone's whole outlook on life. I don't want to be forgiven of my debt to this store, I need it as a reminder.

Forgive Us Our Debts we pray at times, if you have ever prayed the Lord's Prayer some versions of it say those exact words. As we forgive our debtors, is the next little line, all part of the whole tapestry of the Prayer.

If you know to pray that prayer You know that you'll get your Debts forgiven, Your sins washed clean, you'll be a bright shiny new person, able to spend like you want to again. Nothing stands in your way.

Spending like there is no tomorrow is how you know some people use their credit cards. How do you spend your clean slate that God just gave you when you Prayed the Lord's Prayer?

Charles , A homeless person living on borrowed time.